Assignment #5: Homework H4 and Discussion D5

First some background: You will need modest software for some of lectures and homeworks. This can be most easily done in Python but Java is also possible; no other languages are relevant. You MIGHT use software in final project. Note the final project will be individual or up to a three person team and can either be a significant PAPER or a SOFTWARE PROJECT. We can support Software in Java on clouds or Python but other software such as R allowed in final project Your team chooses. You can find sample software and paper projects. here.

Preparing Software

Java and Python are installed on our cloud as explained in Unit 11. Here you choose between Python on your laptop, Python in cloud or Java in cloud.


Submit results to show your software is set up and running. Solve tasks following instructions here .

  • Submit your Java OR Python program results to IU Canvas

Discussion D5

Create a NEW post to discuss final project you want to do and look for team members on Slack ( for Software Projects if that’s what you want.